Fred Thompson’s America 1.25.13 (What Difference Does It Make?)

January 25, 2013 at 9:21 pm

Does the truth behind the Benghazi attack and the murder of our Ambassador to Libya really matter? Or is Hillary Clinton right in saying, “What difference does it make?” Fred shares his thoughts in this installment of Fred Thompson’s America.

Video transcript:

Hi folks, I’ve been doing a little traveling this week and I was at the airport in Nashville catching a little television passing by when I heard the most bizarre statement I think I’ve ever heard a public official make. It was Hillary Clinton on television saying it doesn’t really matter the identity of the people who killed our folks over in Benghazi. Whether it was a demonstration that got out of hand or whether or not it was just some people that decided to kill some Americans, does it really matter now?

Well, I think it matters. Maybe it matters because we owe it to the people that we sent over there to be killed. Maybe we owe to their families. Maybe we owe it to them because the president promised to bring the perpetrators to justice. Maybe it matters because of that. Maybe it matters because nothing seems to be being done to bring them to justice. Maybe it matters because some people strangely think that in order to bring anybody to justice you gotta know who they are. Maybe it matters because what you are saying here in your testimony is that this whole thing about bringing to justice is just a farce to kick the can of responsibility on down the road a little bit further.

Maybe it should matter to you because this ambassador was your person. You sent him over there. You know, the guy who was asking for help and asking for assistance because he was in danger, help that you never sent him. Doesn’t it matter a little bit to you the identity of the people who killed him? Maybe it matters because the president said Al Qaeda was on the run. Maybe it matters because some of these same people are showing up in these other countries attacking our friends and allies.

And finally, maybe it matters because the administration thought that it mattered enough to immediately send out people to lie to the American people about the identity of these perpetrators. Maybe it matters because of that.

It does matter. There are a lot of unanswered questions about this Benghazi situation, but the number one question I have today to Hillary Clinton is:

Madame Secretary, are you not the most overrated secretary of state in the history of our country?