“Why Can’t People See Through Obama’s Lies?”, “Can We Trust Romney To Keep His Word?” And Other “Ask Fred” Replies

August 3, 2012 at 10:17 am

Thank you to everyone who has submitted an “Ask Fred” question. I have very much enjoyed the exchange of ideas. Here are a few of my responses. Go here to submit your own “Ask Fred” question.

Why Can’t People See Through Obama’s Lies?
Q (from 91403): I simply cannot understand that with so many intelligent, well educated, influential people who understand just what Obama truly is about, that he will, in all probability, be elected again. Please comment.
A: Just two thoughts on a subject that I could write a lot about (and have). One is about idealism. Some well meaning people who are naive. They see the world the way they want it to be instead of the way it is. The other is about pure self interest. About half the people pay no income tax and about half receive a federal govt. benefit. They want other people to continue the gravy train for them.

Q (from 77084): Dear Fred, Obama has survived a barrage of everything from whispers to shouts concerning his background, blatant lies, executive orders, failure to lead, leaks of vital information… yet according to recent polls he seems to have half of the country supporting him. What is it going to take to get the attention of those people so they see him for who he really is?
A: I believe that the people who care already know. The question is going to be whether there are more people are interested in their country than those who are interested in getting something from the government.

Why Haven’t We Demanded Obama’s Secret Records?
Q (from 23452): With all the demands for Romney’s tax returns, why have we not demanded Obama’s secret college records, his health records and other information he has sealed?
A: Exactly. Call a press conference, stackum up and say “They’re all yours as soon as Obama releases his grades.”

What News Websites Do You Recommend?
Q (from 79109): Fred, would you please recommend several conservative news websites? Keep up the good work you do for this country.
A: National Review and The American Thinker are a couple I refer to. I write on NR occasionally. Thanks.

Why Can’t They Cut The Pay In Washington?
Q (from 38401): Why can’t they cut the pay in Washington, then see who wants to be what? Can it be done? Give them a salary about $3000 month, bet they would all leave.
Also would like to know how much the president makes. Thanks, Fred.
A: Obama gets $400,000 a year. George Washington was offered $25,000. I wonder which was the best deal for citizens? I say let him keep his 400,000 if he’ll just go home!

Why Does Congress Continue To Spend?
Q (from 89120: I used to consult for various Federal Government Agencies. Each year in mid to late August, they would look at what they were budgeted for the year and if it looked like there would be a surplus, they would find ways to spend it – even for something that was not needed. This mentality within the Federal bureaucracy is part of the reason we are in such bad financial trouble. I never could understand why Congress didn’t insist on something like “zero-based budgeting”, where each element of every Agency would have to justify every penny requested. I believe that the Federal Government could easily take an across-the-board cut of ten percent and would still function – but without the fancy “digs”. How can we get Congress to do something like this that has an immediate impact?
A: Two answers. The “spend it quick so we’ll get even more” is largely an executive branch problem even though when the get caught they ought to have their budgets reduced on the spot. Secondly, don’t forget, most money is spent because it benefits members of Congress. They, usually but not always Democrats, traditionally spend more than a president like Bush request. Same old story: we need better inmates running the asylum.

Why Don’t We Swear In New Officers Right After They Are Elected?
Q (from 95969): Why can’t the “lame-duck” session of Congress and Executive offices be made illegal? Swear in the new officers right after they are elected!
A: Tempting idea but not practical. Elections have to be certified, etc. Also, would require a constitutional amendment since a term for a House member, for example, is for a full two years.

Can We Trust Romney To Keep His Word?
Q (from 98026): Can we trust Romney to keep his word on the issues?
A: I believe so but, honestly, no one knows. Frankly, what concerns me more is that Obama WILL keep his word.

Does The Government Have A Say In Reverse Mortgages?
Q (from 40299): I see you on ads for reverse mortgages, but the local newspaper recently had an article that was not favorable to taking one of these mortgages. Also, the ad indicates that it is government backed….that seems to be scary since we are trying to get away from big government being in on everything. In what way would government have a say in your reverse mortgage if you were to do it?
A: The government requires that you be given access to independent counseling, for example, to make sure that you understand how it works and to see if it’s right for you but of course it’s your decision, ultimately. Again, it is not necessarily right for everyone’s circumstances. The same thing can be said about any other kind of mortgage. It’s simply a way to get equity out of your home, for which you pay fees and interest after you are deceased. The house stands good for it. If you don’t need cash, for example, then there’s no need for it. The AARP and many others think it can be an effective tool for many people, however.

Why Didn’t The GOP Start Looking For A Strong Candidate In 2008?
Q (from 75169): When Obama was voted in 4 years ago why didn’t the Republican party start right THEN to get a strong candidate?
A: The “party” doesn’t decide on whom the candidate is going to be. People actually get to vote in the primaries. I’d hate to think whom the insiders would pick.

- Fred Thompson