Ask Fred…About Afghanistan, Property Taxes, And A Possible VP Nod

May 7, 2012 at 10:40 am

Thank you to everyone who has submitted an “Ask Fred” question. I have very much enjoyed the exchange of ideas. Here are a few of my responses. Go here to submit your own “Ask Fred” question.

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Social Security?
Q (from 07306): Why is it that the Government is looking to crush Social Security and Medicare when I believe there are other ways to fix them. Why not put Americans First before we keep giving billions away “Afghanistan for one.”
A: Because fixing it properly would require some difficult choices. Career politicians are not into that. It puts their livelihood at risk. Anybody else still for term limits?  On Afghanistan, even worse—spending billions and still lose the war, which is where we’re headed. Thanks

Property Taxes Undermine Property Rights?
Q (from 60148): Since property rights are supposed to be inalienable, why have my property taxes increased by 400% to $7000/yr while my income (Soc Sec)is $640/Mo. My father, a WWII vet with 13 yrs in the Army worked his life to pay for this property. Now the County will probably foreclose and evict his family heirs. Do Americans actually OWN property, or do we just pay liege to the lords of the manor?
A: Wow, you make an excellent point, The right of govt. to tax is well established, so it becomes a political question you have to settle at the polls, generally (the state or local govt on property taxes). BUT at some point taxes can seem more like a “takings” like a condemnation, which is restricted under the constitution. Of course, the government would point out the increasing value of the property, an issue you can contest too.

Martial Law?
Q (from 59860): I am afraid that President Obama WILL DECLARE Martial Law suspend the Constitution, eliminate the US Supreme Court and disband Congress. This Guy scares the hell out of me. What is your thoughts ?
A: Lot of things to be concerned about but these are not among them. Let’s focus on the real concerns: our country sliding into bankruptcy and a European–type irrelevance.Thanks

 Eliminate the Electoral College?
Q (from 20151): Are you supporting the compact to negate the electoral college?  If so, why?
A: No, but there is a proposal out there that, while keeping the electoral college, would allow states to pledge their electors to the person who gets the most votes, nationally. The constitution gives the states this authority. The argument is 1) we don’t need the turmoil that comes from election someone with fewer votes. 2) Currently, most states are firmly red or blue and are taken for granted by the candidates, Only a handful of states matter, and 3) imagine Romney winning he popular vote and Obama concentrating on turning out big city votes in two or three key states and winning the electoral vote. The current system wouldn’t look so hot then to a lot of us. Would it?

“Obama All The Way…OUT!”
Q (from 11413): Why am I getting these emails I am neither a Fred Thompson supporter nor a republican. OBAMA ALL THE WAY!!!
A: Sorry, just thought you could use a little enlightenment. Guess I was right. I like your slogan with one small addition:”Obama, all the way…OUT”

Fred For Veep?
Q (from 55358): Honestly, any chance of you accepting the Vice Presidential spot on the upcoming Republican ticket to balance moderate Romney? You have been pretty silent until e mails the last three day, keep em coming.
A: Thanks for asking, pal but NOPE. Have to admit, since I’m poor, homely and have a  conservative background, I would provide pretty good balance.

How To Defeat Obama…
Q (from 56601): What can we do to make sure Obama does not get another term?
A: For most of us Get To The Polls. For our leaders, don’t make stupid mistakes that take focus off of his record.

Why Afghanistan?
Q (from 54110): For the life of me, I have always been puzzled by what value there is in Afghanistan.  I just don’t see them as a big trading partner and I believe that we can ill afford to be the world’s policeman.  Every time I see that some local soldier was killed there, it makes me question why we went there in the first place.  Can you explain this foolishness?
A: Fair question. First, you make my case that a president’s first duty, when he sends troops in harms way is to answer like yours and explain it the the American people. Obama has clearly not done this. He sees there’s no good short term politics in it for him. A good president would look to the long term interests of the US. He has information and access to expertise that we don’t have. Here’s the case in a nutshell. An operation like 9–11 probably could never be carried out without a safe haven for the jihadists. Afghanistan was their safe haven. It could very easily become one again. Many of the bad guys are hiding, and waiting for us to leave, next door in Pakistan, where they are already influential. Pakistan itself could be vulnerable to takeover by them and, of course, Pakistan has nuclear weapons. International terror is still very alive and while we must be smart as to where we target our efforts but we are not going to be able to  hunker down at home and keep the rest of the world out— unfortunately.  Thanks

Romney In Debates
Q (from 75050): How soon in the upcoming debates between Romney and Obama do you think it will be before the media confronts Romney about some of his characterizations of Obama? Do you think Romney will back down or affirm?
A: Having debated Romney, I’ve followed his performances pretty closely. He’s gotten a lot better. He’s tougher. We saw this with Newt in Fla. He knows that how the voter views Obama is the whole ball game, It’s a referendum on Obama. Mitt won’t back down.

Undoing Obama’s Agenda
Q (from 33477): I’m concerned that the things Obama is putting into place can’t be “undone” when we get our country back….please ease my mind…you would make a wonderful president….thanks.
A:   It all depends on how many Republicans are elected to Congress. Past Congresses cannot bind future ones and new laws can be passed to undo old ones—a majority of votes in the House and 60 votes in the Senate, sufficient to defeat a filibuster. Also, if Obama is reelected a two-thirds majority will be needed to override his veto, a tall order. However it all depends upon us the voters.

Not Enough Billboard Space
Q (from 32968): How is Obama getting away with so many Constitutional violations? If Congress does not have the gonads to Impeach him, the congress members that won’t due what they swore to do Uphold the Constitution) should have their names plastered on every web site, billboards, and commentary programs as possible. Why isn’t that being done?
A: Sorry pal, there’s not enough billboard space.

-Fred Thompson