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Some Straight Talk for Putin

March 16, 2014 at 3:20 pm

some straight talk for Putin, Obama, Putin

So Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine and denies doing it. Those guys just showed up in matching uniforms. To be fair, Putin did reserve the right to invade. And the deposed Ukrainian president, who barely escaped with his life, and who even Putin acknowledges is a crook, did invite Russia to go in. Putin is also upset that Ukraine’s new government did not observe the procedural due process for which the Russian government is so well known. He is outraged over phantom attacks on Russians, and now sits back to consider how big a piece of Ukraine he wants to break off, while the U.S. and Europeans, just hoping Putin will settle for Crimea, plead for dialogue and scramble to provide Putin with an off ramp that he doesn’t think he needs.

John Kerry is shocked that Putin is not behaving the way an autocrat in the 21st century should behave, while most Americans are shocked that their secretary of state is living on another planet. Obama is of the opinion that Russia is in violation of international law, but hastens to acknowledge that Putin has a different set of lawyers than he does. You know how confusing things can get when these dictators lawyer up. Most folks thought that the rules about taking chunks of other people’s countries, when they didn’t pose a threat, have been pretty clear since the 1600s. But I’ve gotta admit, most invaders since then have not been invited in by a disgraced former president as he sat in the aggressor’s country sipping their vodka. You can see why Putin’s lawyers would think that the Russians got permission.

One might also appreciate why our president might be a little tentative. Perhaps he is a bit sensitive about calling out another leader for lying to the people and ignoring the rule of law. Who knows?

Perhaps his reluctance is due to the fact that after his whispered message to Putin about flexibility after the election, Hillary’s reset button, our being bullied out of a missile-defense system in Eastern Europe, our being hoodwinked into accepting Russian “cooperation” in Syria, and Russia’s harboring of Edward Snowden, the administration hadn’t been humiliated by the Russians for several weeks and Obama didn’t want to mess up the opportunity for better relations. Really, all Putin seems to want is Crimea. Surely that will be the end of his aggressiveness. He wouldn’t dare risk the dreaded “isolation by the international community.”

Complicating things further for Obama is the fact that some of his intellectual soul-mates are “putting things in perspective” with arguments like these: They aren’t defending Putin, they say, but they do note that Ukraine once was part of Russia. Of course, before Ukraine was part of Russia, it used to be part of Poland. Perhaps the Poles should get their claim in. Also, these soul-mates note, Crimea is populated mostly by ethnic Russians. Never mind that this is in large part the result of Stalin putting the Crimean Tatars in boxcars and exporting them. Obama’s friends add that we can’t forget that the U.S. used to have the Monroe Doctrine. And, of course, we have the ever-popular “Iraq analogy.” I suppose that’s why Iraq is now an American province, right? And, we’re reminded, NATO is moving too close to Russia and that makes Putin nervous. After all, nobody likes it when that officious friend, liberty, comes around, showing off and setting a bad example for the kids, etc., etc.

I propose a way out of this confusion . . . a constructive solution that helps our president out of this complicated web of international law and troubling historical analogies. I suggest that Obama go with something a little more straightforward. A conversation like this:

Vladimir, we had this thing some of us call the Cold War. It cost the West a lot of lives, time, money, and aggravation. We won. You lost. You consider your loss to be a catastrophe to be rectified. We consider it to be a blessing to be preserved at all cost. That’s a pretty wide gulf. We’re not likely to bridge it. So let’s cut to the proverbial chase.

Vlad, you and your buddies are not only losers, you are bad guys. Not to put too fine a point on it, but you jail and kill people who want nothing more than the rights they are entitled to as human beings. You want to increase your power to do so. We protect such people and resist your ambitions. That makes us the good guys. When the bad guys get out of hand, the good guys shouldn’t worry too much about the details of the Treaty of Westphalia. We just have to make sure that you stay losers.

So with regard to the current unpleasantness, if you relent, you can continue doing your thing within the confines of Russia until the people get tired of you or you run out of oil and natural gas. But you are not going to expand your reach. If you don’t relent we’re going to make your life miserable and make you look as bad to your people as you have made me look to mine. Think NATO expansion, a Europe no longer dependent on you as an energy source because they can rely on the U.S. Think about the stashes and travel of your oligarchs. They will. And that missile-defense system we abandoned in the Czech Republic and Poland? Deployment will start in about a month. Bottom line? We’ve noticed you like to lose your shirt. This time, we’re gonna help with that.

We actually have little to lose. We’re getting out of Afghanistan and things couldn’t be any worse in Syria. Your aggressiveness has provided us with an opportunity to rectify some mistakes. Even I know now that we’ll have to deal with you sooner or later.

Now you can hope that we will not be able to persuade our European allies to help with this course of action, since it sometimes looks like we have to beg them to throw a bucket of water on a burning couch in their own living room. They do value their trade, oligarch money, and energy sources. And you might be tempted to count on that. But I’ll be having a conversation with them about what the point of NATO is if it can’t get it together on this. Perhaps they are prepared to forsake the alliance and spend more than a fraction of 1 percent of their own GDP on their defense. Good luck with counting on that.

Fred Thompson


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VIDEO: Fred Thompson Speaks at The New York Meeting

March 12, 2014 at 10:06 pm

The New York Meeting is a nationally-recognized gathering of elected officials, journalists, business leaders and conservative authors in New York City at The Grand Hyatt, run by Mallory Factor and O’Brien Murray.

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Obama Advises CT Speech Attendees: “Make Sure To Bend Your Knees So You Don’t Faint”

March 12, 2014 at 2:32 pm

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 3.28.50 PM

Watch the video below:

“By the way, I just noticed, if you’ve got chairs, feel free to sit down,” President Obama said to a student audience in New Britain, Connecticut on Wednesday.

“I know the folks here don’t have chairs,” Obama said, pointing to the audience members in the front row.

“And if you’re standing up, make sure to bend your knees so you don’t faint,” Obama instructed.

VIA Real Clear Politics

Putin Says He Feels No Need To Invade East Ukraine

March 12, 2014 at 7:38 am


Here’s the report:

Vladimir Putin said he sees no immediate need to invade eastern Ukraine as the Obama administration prepares $1 billion in loan guarantees for the cash-strapped nation and threatens sanctions against Russia.

In his first public remarks since Ukraine said its Crimean peninsula had been taken over by Russian forces, President Putin said he reserved the right to use force to defend ethnic Russians while there’s “no such necessity” at present. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Kiev to offer an aid package to Ukraine’s interim government, as President Barack Obama challenged Putin’s rationale for intervening.

“Clearly Putin would like to lower some of the rhetoric,” Paul Denoon, who oversees $29 billion of emerging-market debt at New York-based AllianceBernstein Holding LP, said today by phone. “But I don’t think he’s signaled a new direction in his intentions. We still think there’s a risk of escalation.”


Over 1,000 Apply For 1 of 50 Jobs At Atlantic City Casino

March 12, 2014 at 7:30 am


Read the story below to learn more:

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — The odds were even longer than usual inside one Atlantic City casino Wednesday morning. But that didn’t deter more than 1,300 hopefuls from lining up before the sun rose and standing in a queue that wrapped around the inside of the building.

They weren’t at the Golden Nugget Atlantic City to gamble. They were betting that they could land one of the 50 jobs the casino planned to fill at what it called an “emergency jobs fair.”

Tom Pohlman, the casino’s general manager, said the Golden Nugget’s business has picked up significantly over the last month, due in part to the closing of the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel on Jan. 13. But another part of the reason for the hiring is that the casino had cut back on staff during the slow winter months.

Many of its former customers have gravitated to the Golden Nugget, which is similar in size and which has aggressively courted the now-closed casino’s patrons and employees. Pohlman said several thousand former Atlantic Club customers have gotten players’ club cards at his casino since the shutdown.

“It’s important to us to maintain a certain standard of customer service, and we need to bring in immediate help,” he said. “It’s unfortunate to see how many people are here because that means a lot of people in Atlantic City are out of a job. But there are great candidates here, and we can pick the best of the best.”

The casino had advertised it was hiring 50 people in the two-day job fair that runs through Thursday, but Pohlman said it will probably add 100 for this weekend, with at least 50 of them being new dealers. Those who aren’t hired this week will have their applications considered for summer seasonal work.


Ronan Farrow Receives Cronkite Award Two Days After Show Debut… Still Got Ripped Off By Nobel Peace Prize Standards

March 12, 2014 at 7:24 am

Ronan Farrow, Cronkite award, journalism

Read this report from Breitbart below:

In the world of journalism, one can have a TV show for exactly two days before being lavished with an “excellence in journalism” award. This we learn from the “Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism” bestowed on February 26 upon Ronan Farrow, only two days after his show debuted on MSNBC.

Farrow’s show debuted on MSNBC on Monday, February 24, with the 26-year-old host telling viewers that he “grew up” on Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow. This is interesting since Murrow died in 1965, 22 years before Farrow was born, and Cronkite retired from the evening news in 1981, six years before
our newly celebrated journalist was born.

However, it is good Farrow praised Walter Cronkite since he is now the proud recipient of an award issued in that famed broadcaster’s name.

According to a posting by an education organization called Reach The World, Farrow is the lucky recipient of The Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism.

The group celebrates Farrow by reporting a long list of the sort of plaudits that children of the wealthy often pursue. For instance, we learn that Farrow was a “global youth and humanitarian,” was once a “UNICEF Spokesperson for Youth,” and a past appointee by the U.S. government as “Special Adviser for Humanitarian and NGO Affairs for Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

Oh, and one other thing makes Farrow eligible for an “excellence in journalism” award. As the group helpfully notes, “On February 24, 2014, Farrow began hosting a weekday show on MSNBC.”

Again, this award was announced on February 26, two days after Farrow “became” a journalist.


White House Sends NFL Players Pre-Written Tweets Promoting Obamacare

February 19, 2014 at 9:04 am

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 8.58.26 AM

Here’s the report:

Obamacare got a boost from current and former National Football League players on Super Bowl Sunday after the White House sent suggested language for laudatory tweets to a representative of the league’s players union.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo earned a retweet from the White House after telling his followers, “don’t forget you can affordable [sic] healthcare at healthcare.gov.”

That was the last in a series of tweets composed by Ayanbadejo about Healthcare.gov. Other messages were more grammatical, containing language copied directly from an email sent by Kyle Lierman, a liaison in the White House Office of Public Engagement, that encouraged players to promote Obamacare in the runup to the big game.

“Football fans, hope you’re getting ready for Super Bowl XLVIII, don’t forget you can #getcovered at healthcare.gov,” the Ravens linebacker tweeted earlier in the evening. That language was included word-for-word in Lierman’s email to a representative at the NFL Players Association on Sunday suggesting “some thoughts on what players could tweet.”

“They can definitely change these up or put their own spin on these,” Lierman said in the email, obtained by the Washington Free Beacon on Monday.

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Holder Can’t Explain The Constitution Basis For Obama’s Executive Orders

February 19, 2014 at 8:47 am

Eric Holder

Read this report below:

Attorney General Eric Holder couldn’t explain the constitutional basis for executive orders such as President Obama’s delay of the employer mandate because he hasn’t read the legal analysis — or at least, hasn’t seen it in a long time.

“I’ll be honest with you, I have not seen — I don’t remember looking at or having seen the analysis in some time, so I’m not sure where along the spectrum that would come,” Holder replied when Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, asked him to explain the nature of Obama’s constitutional power to delay the mandate.

Lee had based his question on a standard legal test, first described by Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, who said the president’s authority to issue executive orders is strongest when he does so with the backing of Congress (category one), more dubious when he issues an order pertaining to a topic on which Congress has not passed a law (category two), and weakest when the executive order is “incompatible with a congressional command” (category three), to use Lee’s paraphrase.

Holder assured Lee that Obama’s team accounts for Jackson’s three-part analysis, but said he couldn’t use that test to explain in any detail what kind of authority the president wielded when he delayed the employer mandate.

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96% Of Democrats Pushing Minimum Wage Hike Hire Unpaid Interns

February 5, 2014 at 12:38 pm

unpaid internship

Read this report below:

Liberals are really pushing raising the minimum wage for 2014. Thirty states have put forward bills to increase it, and Democrats have made this issue part of their political strategy for this year. Yet, a new study from the Employment Policies Institute (EPI) has exposed the proponents of raising the minimum wage of their “hypocrisy.” It seems that 96% of Democrats who support such measures don’t pay their interns.

The abstract of the EPI study noted that “the same Members of Congress who are supporting a 40% wage hike on private sector employers are simultaneously failing to provide any wages to their own employee interns.”

- See more at CNSNews.

Hamburg To Be Car-Free By 2034

February 5, 2014 at 12:12 pm

car free Hamburg

Here’s the report below:

Germany may be known for its green political party and sustainable energy focus, but this daring plan to eliminate the need for automobiles entirely across the country’s second-largest metropolis is fresh and bold by any standard.

Hamburg’s Green Network Plan (Gruenes Netz) is a two-decade strategy to connect the whole urban center and its outskirts via bicycles and pedestrian routes, rendering vehicles redundant and bringing green space effectively right to the doorstep of every city dweller.

Major parks, playgrounds, gardens already make up 40% of the city and many form contiguous axes accessible without motorized transit, so this direction is in many ways an extension of their existing approach. At the same time, this proposal goes beyond green rings or environmental zones toward a new type of environment-first urban planning.

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